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Gringo Honasan for Vice President - Patas Ang Laban


Gringo Honasan for Vice president

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PH elections is just a few months away, everybody must have already their bet candidates for presidents and other positions. But let's talk about the second to the highest position which is the Vice President position.

Recently, have been able to have a seat and talk with the VP candidate Gringo Honasan.

We interviewers were surprised to meet Gringo Honasan, because contrary to his image as a soldier, he is such a kind-hearted, ground and a sincere person. I know it may just sound that we are just paid to for this post, but not, watch the videos of how he treat us and speak to us and find out even in his eyes you will see his sincerity.

What made Gringo Honasan Run for Vice President?

"Well one early morning, umuwi ako, that's where my day ends, I came upon my youngest daughter that is not that young anymore she's 36 years old. Eto yung singer si Kai. She's a graduate of UP conservatory, so she's a musician not a singer. But we asked her to join the singing contest (The Voice) for exposure. And I was even there to give moral support. Umiiyak she said papa please don't run, sabi ko Anak anong problema? sabi nya "Alam mo Papa, nung pinanganak ako, you were not there, when I was baptised, you were not there, When I graduated from highschool, you were not there, kapag nasa stage ako, my other classmates are with their parents, I was praying and hoping that when I close my eyes, you'll be coming.. Wala ka rin, so nung nag 18 years old ako, wala ka rin, In short ang dami mong atraso sakin, at ngayon na malapit na kitang maging friend ulit, TATAKBO ka nanaman." Sabi ko, "But I am a good soldier," and if I allowed the standard bearer of the party (UNA), which I am helping organize as Vice president of the party to run without a running-mate, I would end up resigning from the party, that's the honorable thing to do. So sinamahan ko, ako'y mabuting sundalo.. You have to understand this, I don't expect you to embrace this, but just try to understand this, why I'am always like this. So sabi nya Ok, let's not argue over it, isa lang ang requets namin and i speak for the entire family including mama, sabi nya "OK, if you decide to run, pero pag balik mo, sa amin, sa amin ka na talaga""

Senator Gringo Honasan on Presidential and Vice Presidential Qualifications

"The implication is I put 42 years on the line.. So it is not their fault that they were in some penthouse in new york or studying, that's not the fault, the implication is "just because you are married to somebody, you are the daughter or son of somebody, you have this pedigree, this family name, this money,you have a party? without being when we were fighting, that qualifies you to run for the highest and second highest position in the land? "

There are perceptions that every elections since as far as I remember is just a continuation of proxy political wars that certain families at national and local level have been inflicting on the electorate. Ang punto ko dito is sila na lang ba ang pwede? tayong mga ordinary mortals hindi tayo pwede dahil wala tayong pangalan, hindi sikat yung tatay ko, my wife is not sikat, my husband is not sikat, I don't have the pedigree, my grandfather was just a fisherman, and my father was a soldier.."

Here are some interesting random information, vision as well of Sen Gringo Honasan:
Tito Sotto is the Bestfriend of Gringo in the senate.
He wants to handle DILG.
Peace and order, education, Basic human rights is also his concern
we cannot afford to make mistake.
Talking about handling traffic - Inventory of land and transportation resources, EDSA shouldn't have intersections.
Senator Gringo isn't against of same sex marriage.
He condemm lumad killings
He has a vision of a free internet in the country.
He wants to stop fights over administrations like Aquino and Marcos.
He believes our country is blessed.
He thinks of God, Family, Country.
He believe his purpose in life is to share.
He said
"I'm afraid of letting down my country and letting down my family"
"Hereos are ordinary people who are placed in an extraordinary situations"

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